One thing that I have always wondered, is why well prepared fresh foods need to be so expensive? Is it the location, the staff, or as most cases the costs of the food... well one thing is for sure, bringing a restaurant to Blaine, our goal was to be affordable to our customers.


We have looked at various models of restaurants, pubs, fast food places and even diners, and with a dedicated staff and a little help from you... our customers, we can pass on the savings to you and not cut back on the quality of our dishes. When you arrive, all orders are at our main counter - you can either make your entire order from the overhead menu boards, or choose your seating area peruse through the table menu and come up when you are ready to order.

You can pay out once ordered or start a tab, if looking to add to your orders while enjoying your time in or outside our restaurant. Once ordered we will give you all your drinks, a small snack of our fresh focaccia bread and balsamic/oil blend and an order number. While you are enjoying your beverage and snack, we will bring out to your table your order as it becomes ready.

We ask all customers that don't mind to self bus their tables on the way out, if not, we then will clean the tables and prepare them for the next customers. These types of assistance, keeps our prices down and keeps more money in your pocket.

Our decor – as we have "rustic" in our name, all our walls are shiplapped stained with added art elements to make it inviting. During the day, we offer a bright lit area to enjoy your lunch, or come in and take a 'to go' meal. At night we dim the lights, turn on our hanging soft lights over the tables and offer a warm social area for all. 

We look forward to serving you when we open in the Fall!